Students 7-12 grades:  Our student ministries encompasses a broad range of activities and opportunities for young people to encounter the fullness of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.  From high-energy Wednesday night services, where worship and solid biblical preaching are emphasized, to discipleship classes geared to develop devoted relationship with the Savior, to evangelistic outreaches in the community and around the world – C24 is the place to be.

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After Youth / College:  Society often designates this group of graduates as adults and sets them loose after high school, often without a clear understanding of a place and purpose. Our goal is to guide young adults in finding God’s unique purpose so they can mature their faith and develop into servants of Christ, equipped to fill the roles He has for them.

Meet Our Leader

Pastor John and Joni                      John and Joni Hires were both born and raised in Jacksonville Florida, they have been mentoring students since 2001 .  They both feel the call to pastor the current generation of young people.  They are convinced there is a generation yet to awakened to the Power of God to change their world.   Through John’s hours spent on school campuses, he believes God has given him a passion to not wait for the students to come to church, but that the church is to go to the students with relevant and intentional evangelism.  The love for the students who don’t know Jesus is birthed every  Wednesday night  through intense worship and an exciting presentation of the Word of God on a weekly basis.  Students face a war zone called school every day and we want to help them to live above the negative influences and attacks.  The Wednesday night youth service is designed to be a safe place for the student to come in and refuel for the rest of the week.  John and Joni are grateful to God for the opportunity to minister here at LifeChurch and look forward to being a part of what God is doing in this church and community through the young men and women here.  Join them and expect such great things for which only God could be responsible.