I’m New

It can be pretty discomforting to attend a new church where you don’t know what to expect, especially if you haven’t been to church in a while, or maybe never. We hope this page will put you at ease.

If someone has invited you to attend or you just found our web site, please be assured that we have designed our environment to be as welcoming as possible. Contact us if you have further questions.

What Kind Of People Go To Life Church?

We have a big heart for all types of people. We attract students, young professionals, singles, couples, families, business men and women, pretty much anyone who lives in the vicinity finds the church to be welcoming and relevant.

What If I’ve Never Been To Church Before?

That’s ok. To be honest, we really aren’t experts in this field, so we try to keep things pretty simple. You won’t be expected to do anything, say anything or be anything. It is very easy to arrive, enter, find a drink,  locate the restrooms and take a seat. After that, it’s even more simple. We stand up for our worship songs (you are welcome to sit) and sit down during the message. That’s about it….

What Am I Expected To Do?

Expect there to be no expectations. There’s no secret code or special knowledge you need to know ahead of time. We simply expect you to enjoy the service and hopefully learn something helpful.

What Should I Wear?

Dress casually and comfortably (jeans, shorts, t-shirts – whatever works for you).

What Will The Worship Songs Be Like?

We mainly sing contemporary Christian worship music and mix in traditional hymns from time to time as well as write a few songs of our own. We’ll sing well known and current songs from Matt Redman, Hillsongs United, Stuart Townsend, Simon Brading, Tim Hughes, Chris Tomlin, Jesus Culture, Paul Oakley, etc …

What If I’m Running Late?

Everyone’s late to something. Don’t sweat it. Our greeters will be there to help you find a seat to make your arrival smooth. Better late than never!

Will I Be Asked To Give Money?

You will not be expected to give money. Giving is a part of how we worship God, and because worship is a choice we will never pressure anyone to give. We allow each person to determine their level of participation themselves. Life Church is supported by the gifts of it’s attenders who are encouraged to give with excitement and joy rather than out of obligation.

What About My Kids?

Kids love Life Church because we have a large play area, toys, padded floor and crafts. Our interactive kids programs are Bible based and super fun. Our goal is your time at Life Church will be one of the BEST experiences of your child’s week! Our team consists of trustworthy and trained volunteers. We currently offer a nursery for newborn to 3 and a program for kids ages 4-12.

Can I Bring Someone With Me?


What Are The Messages Like?

Our goal in our preaching is life transformation not just the transmission of information. Bible knowledge is not assumed, it’s explained. We recognize that not everyone learns in a literate way, but everyone learns orally. It’s the personal stories that you remember from speeches. It’s the charisma that you found contagious. It’s the down to earth, practical, intellectual, emotional and personal message that gets set apart in your mind. We don’t achieve that every time, but it’s our goal. We teach directly from the Bible but in a relevant style.

How Long Are The Meetings?

Our services usually last around an hour and a half.  Plus, we have a free gift for all our first time guests who complete and turn in a communication card, so grab one as you leave in our Life Cafe. It’s a little thank you for visiting and staying till the end!

If I Like It, How Do I Get Involved?

You can indicate on the back of your communication card if you are interested in getting more involved. We’ll show you how in the meeting. It’s super easy.